The Ethical Debate On Non Voluntary Euthanasia

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The ethical debate on non-voluntary euthanasia is a complex issue due to its multifaceted nature. This topic examines the morality of ending a human’s life in circumstances where the person is incapable of issuing explicit consent. These cases would include utilizing euthanasia on very young children or someone in a vegetative state. There lacks consent with young children since they cannot speak to provide consent. Explicit consent is lacking with someone in a vegetative state since they are incapable of deciding at that moment to continue living or end their life. The decision to utilize euthanasia in these cases would be made by a doctor or by a close friend or family member. Some argue the optimal decision would be made with the perspective of the young or vegetative person in mind. Whoever makes the decision should be thinking about whether the person would want to be alive in this situation if they were able to make the decision. This is not always the case and the family members may make a selfish decision based on whether or not they want to care for the affected person. Some may actually believe the family should use euthanasia since their lives would be better without the stress of the sick person. The well being of the family and friends is more important than the patient’s life considering she is very likely to die anyways. Another view supports making the decision to utilize euthanasia through the perspective of bettering society. The hospital bed
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