The Ethical Decision Making Knowledge Essay

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Examine Ethical Decision-Making Knowledge Introduction Ethical decision-making is the practice of reviewing and selecting among alternatives in a manner constant with moral values. In the course of making moral decisions, it is necessary to encode all the crucial information, processes as well as getting rid of unethical alternatives to choose the best decent option. The world we live in is full of information which requires us to make clear choices based on the range of circumstances we stumble upon in our daily lives. This paper aims at assessing the ethical decision-making aspects. In its analysis, it will present ethical dilemma facing the firm operating in the mortgage industry. An overview of the ethical dilemma facing the organization An ethical dilemma occurs when one has to decide between two alternatives, whereby these two options are ethically right but divergent. Our company by the name Wilson Mortgage is based in the New Jersey and lending in all 50 states along with specializing in the following services; refinancing, construction, renovation, electronic funding, home loans alongside other specialty services. I’m the newly appointed Director and the firm is considering expanding its services globally. The global business atmosphere through its economic and cultural diversity mostly places the International Trade Managers in a challenging situation as it creates an array of ethical questions that have to be resolved prior to expanding the business. Wilson
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