The Ethical Decision Making Model Essay

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ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING MODEL Many face ethical dilemmas daily through their different professions and usually this is when issues arise, some dilemmas are simple tasks others may be very complex and some have grey areas. Organizational culture, codes of conduct, rules and regulations and equal opportunity for example, play a role in a profession’s ethical standards. When looking at society today with regard to crime. Ethical standards in our justice system are extremely useful because our beliefs and values regarding right and wrong, are structured by reasonable ethical standards and have helped establish our criminal justice system. According to (Pollock, 2010), “ as Law becomes society value so does ethical standard because every person is a value to society, and society has a right to protect this value, and even against his or her will” Avoidance of ethical dilemmas in forensic psychology is a goal of clinicians and academics. With the development of the ethical decision-making model these issues now have a systematic structure for the profession as a whole to follow. The goal is to make ethical decisions with the clients, not simply for them and have them actively involved in all aspects of the process if possible and appropriate. This process should be a collaborative process between client and clinician. Furthermore, this model addresses the ethical dilemmas that may arise with colleagues or other professionals in other organizations. There are eight steps
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