The Ethical Dilemma Of A Family Nurse Practitioner

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As a family nurse practitioner (FNP), we have the responsibility to provide the best care we can with the patient’s best interest at heart. On a daily basis we deal with the needs and wants of our patients, this alone provides an ethical dilemma. What we think is best and what our patients want could in fact create an ethical dilemma, however, when we have an ethical dilemma, it is our responsibility to get to a decision with caring, respect, an open mind and honesty to our patients (Parker, 2007). In making a decision regarding an ethical dilemma it is our responsibility to use a framework model to guide us in making an informed decision that is best for our patients. It may not always be the most popular decision but if it is in our patient’s best interest, then you are practicing as a good and prudent, NP. Ethical Dilemma: When is it appropriate to prescribe antibiotic therapy? The ethical dilemma is this; a new FNP is working in a primary care practice. She is seeing patients and her friend Kate comes in with a cold. The FNP believes it is viral. Kate is insisting on getting a prescription for an antibiotic. The FNP does not feel that prescribing an antibiotic is warranted based on her findings as well as Kate’s signs and symptoms. The FNP faces the dilemma of what happens if she gives in to Kate and prescribes an antibiotic versus not prescribing an antibiotic due to it not being necessary. We as practicing providers have an ethical responsibility to our patients at
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