The Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion

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Benchmark Assignment: Ethical Dilemmas
One of the most controversial dilemmas occurring today is the topic of abortion. Some believe that a pregnant woman has the choice to end the life of their unborn child if the mother decides that this is what she wants, especially because the child has not been born and walked this earth yet. Others feel that if the woman chooses to have an abortion, the woman would be considered a murderer because she is ending the life of another human. There is also the gray area where abortion might or might not be acceptable or necessary. Furthermore, the question at hand is whether or not Susan should go through with her pregnancy, even though her child will have Down syndrome. There are opposing points of views
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Jesus suffered and died for our sins, and if we do not allow suffering into our lives, we will never become “develop patience, hope, faith, love, and even courage” (Sharpe 2016). These are the same characteristics that God has. These Christian worldview commitments can influence Susan’s decision because on the one hand, she can keep the baby because she will be rewarded for any suffering and pain her and the baby endure, or she can abort the baby and ask God for forgiveness.
The Christian worldview’s proposal would be to not go through with the abortion. Even though Richard suggests that she abort her child, his reasoning is not Christian-like. He believes that children should only bring happiness and decrease suffering in the world. However, every parent knows that their child will present difficulties, whether the child has a medical condition or not. Also, children with Down syndrome can still bring Susan and surrounding people joy (Robison 2000). The medical condition does not have to be a burden. Susan should welcome her child with open arms and do everything that she can to make her and her child happy because it is possible to be happy with her child no matter what. God will reward her and her child for getting through all their hardships too.
An unintended consequence of Susan keeping her child is

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