The Ethical Dilemma Of Business Ethics

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Introduction Today, business ethics is one of the most important topics in discussion. With recent scandals come to the public of huge corporations, the public has lost its trust of businesses and require ethics be important to companies. Ethics, however, is not based solely on individual employees. In order for companies to comply with ethical standards, teamwork is necessary between the employees and the organization as a whole to create an ethical company culture that guides the actions of all members in an organization. Jacob’s Ethical Dilemma Jacob faces one of the most common ethical dilemmas—giving credit where credit is due. In fact, this dilemma is not only common in the workplace, but in every aspect of life, from school to work to volunteer organizations, and everywhere in between. Humans, in general, want to be recognized for their accomplishments. However, what about when someone is recognized unduly for an accomplishment that is not their own? While some may just go with it and enjoy the limelight they did nothing to deserve, others realize that this is not right, but what should they do about it? This is the exact dilemma Jacob was put into. Not only did Jacob’s company recognize him for an accomplishment that came mostly from Krystal’s efforts, they also gave him a $10,000 bonus for his work. From an ethical standpoint, Jacob should explain to the owners of the company that while he was the one that presented most of the material, Krystal did all of the
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