The Ethical Dilemma Of Nurses Face Ethical Dilemmas

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In clinical setting, nurses face ethical dilemmas everyday. There is no perfect answer to ethical dilemmas in clinical area. It is important to identify ethics related situation, work as a team to address these problems and provide support for patient and families. Dealing with dilemmas is not just a nursing issue. But the role and function of nurses could affect whole team member and their patients too. In the given scenario, two different views of parents for the sick child create dilemmas. Mother (biological parent) insists that no medical treatment for religious reasons but in the other hand father (biological parents) insist for medical treatment and consultation. This paper discusses the ethical dilemma of given scenario and the solution by using Uustal’s ethical decision making. Because of different view of parents, the dilemma is whether to give child treatment or not. Life is vital to every body in this world thus the priority is to save human life is crucial to everyone. Someone’s religious belief should not be obstacle in life threatening situation, it can be taken care after improvement of child’s condition. To deal with ethical dilemmas, systemic approach and ethical tools should be used to solve the problem. Uustal’s nine steps of decision-making model are used in this case. The first step is to identify the problem. Child came to hospital because of high fever, violent vomiting and convulsion at school. In the hospital, the physician diagnosed for meningitis

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