The Ethical Dilemma Of Police Brutality

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This provokes another aspect Americans dispute when discussing police brutality. The controversy of racial matters has been an enormous aspect when dealing with police brutality circumstances. Studies show, “Blacks are 53% more likely to experience any use of force relative to a white mean of 15.3 percent. The raw gap for Hispanics is almost identical. Asians are no more likely than whites to experience use of force (Fryer, 2016).” With such a diverse country, there is no reason for both citizens and law enforcement to believe that any person is better than another based off of one’s race. Impact on Criminal Justice Professionals The ethical dilemma of police brutality has had a great impact on criminal justice professionals, specifically law enforcement officers. Within recent years, police brutality has increased significantly. Therefore, many people have begun to portray law enforcement officers negatively. This has greatly affected our country as these men and women who dedicate their lives to serve their community are being perceived as a threat to others. Not only does this aggravate the officers that they are being seen as monsters, but as we have seen on the news, it is causing multiple outrages and riots across our country. Social media has had a large impact about the reality of police brutality. Unfortunately, the media focuses on police brutality and dramatizes the scenario that had occurred. This allows viewers to critique the situation in which they do not

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