The Ethical Dilemma Of The Iphone

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The United States of America is ranked first in the world of the consumer market, this is especially true when it comes to electronic devices such as smart phones. The most popular smartphone on the market is without a doubt the Apple iPhone, this is the very device that completely changed what we as consumers expected when it comes to what our cell phones should be capable of doing for us. This is the phone that created the “smartphone” markets and brought back a very needed and lacking sense of competition into the mobile device market giving consumers options and innovating once again. As consumers continue to purchase the new iterations of this device year after year, we ignore the moral issues that are involved with the manufacturing…show more content…
On top of all this neglect, the employees weren’t even given the proper training to operate within a factory with such conditions which is a type of training that is required for factory employees here in the States to help minimize operational hazards. Foxconn has been known for being a “military like” operated company, which the workers were not too fond of, and because of the strict environment, it is said that close to 24,000 people quit every month.
Foxconn is currently the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics. It assembles Apple products, such as iPads and the iconic iPhone. Globalization has pushed the western countries to use China as one of the primary sources of assembling their products, and Foxconn in return is China 's largest manufacturer.When Foxconn first started out, they only had 150 workers. It wasn’t until the 1990’s, that Foxconn took off and expanded, which has led to a major labor increase. According to PAX: Spring Hill College’s Peace and Justice Magazine, “During this time, the company started to employ the technique of specialization of labor leading it to diversify its product lines in its factories around the regions of China. At the
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