The Ethical Dilemma Of The Law Enforcement Code Of Ethics

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An ethical dilemma is an intricate situation that in most cases involves a mental conflict between moral obligations, in which to observe one would result in disobeying another. "Tony, do not get Johnny in trouble.” The first order given to Tony Denardo by the sergeant is going to be the most significant, life-changing order that was given; unfortunately for Johnny the order was ignored. Throughout the scenario, there are instances where Tony takes Johnny under his wing and teaches him by instilling his corrupt morals. Why would the sergeant have to order Tony not to get Johnny in trouble? Within this paper, I will discuss and examine the ethical dilemmas Johnny is confronted with and compare them to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Keywords: corrupt morals, ethical dilemmas, repercussions, code of ethics

Ethical Dilemma The practice of moral conduct challenges the generally accepted standards. An ethical dilemma is defined as a person has difficulty doing what is right, does not know the correct course of action, or someone who finds the wrong choices alluring (Pollock, Ph.D. & Becker, J.D., 1996). The essential value of studying and understanding ethical dilemmas is not that we have conclusive guides to conduct ourselves morally. Rather, the values lie in becoming conscious of the moral options that are available to us (Guttman, 2000).
Johnny Jones and the Undercover Unit
As Tony and Johnny begin their adventures together, it is important to…
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