The Ethical Dilemma Of Using Facebook As A Means For Hiring Decisions

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Yufei Xiao
Professional Responsibility and Leadership
Section 2
Dr. Kenneth S. Bigel

Ethical Dilemma In Using Facebook As A Means For Hiring Decisions
As employers increasingly turn to the Internet for additional information on prospective employees, the ethical implications behind such practice become more relevant and far reaching. Yet in ethically examining the advantages and disadvantages of using social media information to make decisions for Shaw, the result could be different based on different ethical approaches. This paper will address the issue from different ethical perspectives. While it is crucial for employers to know who they are hiring, it is unethical to rely on unconsented social media information in making hiring decision.

Using Facebook as a tool in learning about prospective employees beyond their resumes can be fast and efficient for employers. However, the presence of market failures in such practice has ethical implications.

Market Failure Arises When Employer Uses Facebook to Assess Candidates
In the Facebook case, employer Miranda Shaw faced a hiring dilemma when choosing between two equally qualified candidates for a position. Shaw had to rethink her decision of hiring Rick Parsons, who seemed to be a better fit for the company, after discovering some disturbing pictures depict Parsons’ inappropriate behaviors such as drinking alcohol and smoking in college on his Facebook account. These unhealthy behaviors may…
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