The Ethical Dilemma With The Code Of Ethic

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Many therapist have encounter situation that causes them to be in an ethical dilemma. However, when a situation such as accepting gift from client can turn into something different. When it comes time to terminate a client some client’s may feel a sense of generosity or appreciation for the therapist work. At this point and time, some clients, may show their appreciation towards their therapist with a gift. Some may said that this is something that is completely harmless and that there is no need to be concern. However, many do not understand the ethical dilemma when receiving a gift from their client. In this paper I will further discuss the ethical dilemma and work through the code of ethic to explain my stance. A Background on the case I am writing about is, - John is in therapy with you and has been diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is thirty-five and has a history of sexual and emotional abuse, by both his father and step farther. John was closet to his grandmother, whom happen to past away. John wants to give his therapist some of his grandmother belongings. Although the therapist mention that she is unable to accept gifts, John disregard her remarks and brings in several items for his therapist to choose from. Therefore, the ethical dilemma in this case, is John wanting to give his therapist gift and whether or not she should accept these gifts. In order for me to further explain the problem in this situation with John and his therapist, I will
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