The Ethical Dilemma of Playing Both a Therapeutic and a Forensic Role: the Difference

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The Ethical Dilemma of Playing both a Therapeutic and a Forensic Role: The difference Amal Long-Labaar Argosy University Professional & Ethical Issues in Forensic Psych FP6500 Dr. Andria Hernandez April 20, 2013 Abstract There are specific differences between forensic psychologists and counseling psychologists/therapists. Not just the obvious differences such as the forensic psychologist being retained by the courts, prosecution, or defense, and the counseling psychologist performing therapeutic treatments and sessions to help the client/patient heal, but other ethical differences that enable the forensic psychologist to disclose his/her finds to the entity that has retained him/her to assess, interview and test the…show more content…
When following such guidelines, there is little chance of committing an ethical infraction. (Bush, Connell, & Denney, 2011, p. 44-47) According to Greenberg & Shuman (1997), they note that there are ten differences between the forensic psychologist and the treating psychologist providing therapy. 1) For the Forensic psychologist, the attorney is the client. For the therapist it is the mental health therapist. The highest priority is the therapist client privilege. 2) When it comes to privilege, the attorney-client and the attorney work product is privilege. 3) The cognitive and evaluative attitude for the forensic psychologist is neutral, detached and impartial. The same for the therapist is supportive, empathic and accepting. 4) There are differing aspects of competency of each professional, for the forensic psychologist it is the forensic evaluation, techniques that are appropriate to the legal claim. As for the therapist, the therapeutic techniques for treatment of the disorder or complaint. 5) The nature of the hypothesis tested by each psychological expert, for the forensic psychologist is psycholegal criteria for purpose of legal adjudication. The therapist/psychologist criteria is different, their criteria

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