The Ethical Implications Of Technology

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One of the most challenging and debatable topics in science is energy. Three paradigmatic energy methods are coal, natural gas, and renewable energy, specifically wind and solar. There are technical, social, and financial questions regarding the effects of energy sources which lead to questions of morality in pursuing further development of these sources. The ethical implications of technology can be analyzed through both a utilitarian and Kantian viewpoint in order to illuminate how society should proceed, especially in relation to the energy crisis, which describes the increasing decline in fossil fuel availability. Because many people use products that require electrical energy either directly or indirectly, the public is inherently…show more content…
New energy sources also may necessitate updates to previous technologies that engineers have to devote time, money, and effort into changing. Additionally, other professions, such as the transportation and manufacturing industries, are influenced by changes in the energy sector, which dictate how their products work and are made. The engineering profession can use a moral basis to inform how its resources, physical and mental, are devoted in not only to energy industry, but also in industries that connect with the energy sector. Furthermore, the life, career, and goals of the individual engineer may transform after a moral analysis of the energy sector. An engineer may choose to work with the more ethical power generation methods, but may have to sacrifice more time and more money. For any type of energy source, an engineer may use the morality of that option as motivation for making coal, natural gas, solar, etc. better and therefore improve its moral standing. If the most ethical energy option is common and well-established, and engineer may choose to develop that technology and gain valuable information for more senior engineers. The well-established energy source also can lead to better job security since the performance of that energy source is known. If, however, the most ethical
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