The Ethical Issue Of Anthem Essay

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The ethical issue Anthem faced is that employees felt they were betrayed and that Anthem violated their relationship which was built upon promises. This happened as result of a company decision and its communication thereafter. Description of Anthem Anthem Inc, a leading health insurance company that provides health insurance for personal, business and government entities across the States. Anthem is a prosperous company, ranking within the Fortune 50 list, with total assets equaling $61.7 Billion. They have over 52,000 associates to serve over 39.8 million members. The company has presence in 14 States and continues to offer its services in growing markets (“Stats and Facts”). Although Anthem is regarded as highly lucrative, the company’s profit margins are extremely low due to the highly competitive and regulated industry. Because there is limited opportunities for market growth, health insurance companies remain competitive by merging with other companies. Anthem is currently in the process of finalizing an acquisition deal with Cigna. This deal has been faced with much scrutiny and pushback from government due to monopoly regulations. If the deal does not go through, Anthem will have to pay a large penalty fee to Cigna. Along with this financial cost, Anthem would also lose time and resources that they have dedicated to this strategy over the past two years. Because of the competitive environment and high stakes, Anthem began cutting costs throughout the company.
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