The Ethical Issue Of Health Care As A Human Right

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My topic is the ethical issue of health care as a human right. I will be applying deontological theory, focusing on Immanuel Kant’s theory on human right to health and affordable health care by arguing, first, the health of human should be basic human right, and universalize affordable health care for everyone is the right intention to equal opportunity of good health, secondly, health care should not be treating as a privilege, to say health care as a privilege implies not all people is equal, thirdly, it is unjust and immoral for individual to be deny of health care insurance and health care services for the reason that they cannot afford of high premium fee, and high cost of hospital bills. In 2010, the law of the Affordable Care Act…show more content…
Individuals, including people who work as part-time, students, and those who did not have health care insurance through their employers, all now have the access of buying individual health care insurance. Additionally, many more that simply did not have health care insurance for other reasons, including health care insurance was not required for every citizen of America, and buying individual health care insurance was nearly impossible because lack of platforms and of high costs of premiums, most importantly health care was consider as not a human right. This law and the requirement of every legal citizen of Americans to attain health care insurance, for preventive services, have causes quite a controversy, as the United State is a nation that favoring heavily on the freedom of action for individuals over state control. (1) What is basic human right, and why should health care be a human…show more content…
Health care as privilege should be morally wrong, and unjust, as Kant may say, in general we should wish others well, healthy and happy, because that is the right thing to do, and it would be considered morally wrong to deny people of affordable health care. For the reason that we should treat and respecting others as equal, in addition of denying others of health care access, to treat health care as a privilege is implying there are certain population not being treating as equal. As a rational human beings, we should consider the possible consequences of not everyone has the access of health care, and by universalize of health care, we should agree it is acceptable to give everyone equal access to health care. We have the moral obligation of live to our fullest potential, in addition, it is within our right to inquire what is necessary to achieve a healthy life. To say you cannot live as a healthy individual is contradictory to the moral principle, for the reason that you should not deny someone’s right to live to their
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