The Ethical Issue Of Tina

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Ethical Issue: Tina is facing the ethical issue that she has to be doing the job in a way that is not professionally and ethically sound. For example, she initiated the job with the aim that she would learn from the tasks under the job. However, in practice the situation is very different. In this scenario, the solution has been presented in the following based on appropriate actions and words Tina should use in the situation. Brief Snapshot of the situation: The situation is that Tina started the job as she thought and that it would increase her knowledge. When she did various tasks after joining the organization, she found that the job is based on fake IDs, fake recommendation for books, and there is very little use of knowledge and the tasks are done for the sake of tasks. First, Tina should analyze and decide the perspective of the situation. In a simple and theoretical way, the situation may be considered in a legal perspective as well. However, the case snapshot states that it is more of an ethical situation and this perspective should be prevailed in deciding the response. Identification of principles: The principles are always clean when they are expressed in terms of words. However, once one becomes an employee those principles will start to look hazy. Certainly, some written documents will be signed by Tina and there will be some job description as well. Tina should read the words on the job description and appointment letter and she should observe the gaps that
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