The Ethical Issue Surrounding Organ Transplantation

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Outline Title: The Ethical Issues Surrounding Organ Transplantation Abstract With organ transplants so prevalent in today’s society, it is important that the ethical issues surrounding them are fully understood. While many people want to see life extended as long as possible, there are others who believe life must be allowed to run its natural course. This literature review examines the process of organ transplantation from continuous shortages of available organs to the distribution process to the lasting effects of the transplant on the patient. The research showed that even as policies and procedures adapt to our evolving society, it is very likely there will always be disagreement on the subject of organ transplantation.…show more content…
Ethical Issues Surrounding Organ Transplantation 1 The Ethical Issues Surrounding Organ Transplantation A Review of the Literature Beginning with the first organ transplants in the 1950’s; questions have risen regarding these life-changing procedures and the ethics that surround them. During the years since, society has continued to debate the issues surrounding organ transplants. With the creation of regulations regarding organ procurement and the development of transplant waiting lists, it is obvious that an increasing number of people have had their lives effected by this medical advancement. That being said, the importance of educating people on the facts of transplantation is greater than it has ever been. This literature review considers the use of personal ethics in the decision making process as it relates to organ transplantation by responding to the following questions: 1. How do we deal with the shortage of donated organs? 2. What is the distribution process for the organs? 3. What are the effects of organ transplantation on the patient? Understanding the ethics of the organ transplantation process could increase the number of possible donors, thus saving the lives of so many who are in need of organ transplants. How Do We Deal With the Shortage of Donated Organs? There are
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