The Ethical Issue Within Healthcare

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Reproductive Ethics – Terminations

Terminations have always been an ethical issue within healthcare as a lot of people feel that it is morally wrong to end a life and feel that terminating a pregnancy is morally wrong euthanasia of a child. However, there are lots of reasons why a woman would want to terminate, such as rape or unplanned pregnancy. This essay will look at the ethical issues from both sides of the argument as well as how this topic is linked to legislation within the UK.

The Equality Act 2010 states 'everyone has the same chances to do what they can. Some people may need extra help to get the same chances ' (Munro, S. 2010). Equality Act 2010 means that no matter what your ethnicity, sexuality, gender reassignment, disability or anyone protected under the 7 characteristics, everyone should be treated fairly (Munro, S. 2010). When it comes to healthcare practice, everyone should be given the same consultations, medical treatment and opportunity 's as everyone else and no one should be discriminated against or judged. This is fundamental to ensuring that the healthcare professionals work towards eliminating discrimination and reducing inequalities in care. The NHS has clear principles about equality and fairness that is set out in the NHS Constitution, and the laws under the Equality Act 2010 reinforce these (NHS 2014). Should an individual need medical treatment or social care, they have the right to be treated fairly on their needs, not by who they are.
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