The Ethical Issues Of Abortion

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Various ethical issues result from abortion, however the main one 's to be discussed are regarding whether abortion is considered the taking of human life, the mental state of a woman becoming a mother, and whose decision is it to determine whether they should be permitted. Ultimately, the most significant concepts surrounding abortion relate to the Value of Human Life and The Principal of Individual Freedom. The Value of Life refers to the idea that our lives are a basic ownership. Every person experiences their own lives in a unique way, and no-one can truly live another 's life. Everyone must be treated as unique, however this does not remove the concept that ending of a human life cannot be justified, rather it is believed it should…show more content…
Pro-life 's arguments are based on the value of life, that is, the right to life is absolute, especially the right of unborn life and its innocence. Thus, every unborn "child" should be regarded as human and receive all rights deserved from the moment of conception onwards. Whether we believe that the fetus is a person or not, it 's debatable that a woman has some sort of ethical responsibility to the fetus. Also, abortions further along in the pregnancy are even more greatly concerned with the assumption of taking a human life because they feel there is something very human about the fetus as its development has continued. There are several other issues concerning abortion, for instance, the medical and psychological effects of abortion on women are harmful, the dangers of pregnancy are almost irrelevant because of technological advances therefore abortions are unnecessary, there are alternatives to an abortion such as adoption, and the belief that women must accept full responsibility for their actions and innocent life cannot be sacrificed if they fail to do so through their own carelessness. Even when it comes to rape, some believe it is the annihilation of innocent unborn human life is still not justified. Pro-life believe that if women want complete control over their body, then control should include using contraceptives to avoid unwanted

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