The Ethical Issues Of An Industry ( Or Company )

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Assignment 3
Identify two of the main ethical issues of your industry (or your company). Recall from the lecture that the ethical Issues of an industry (or company) are behaviors, practices, or policies (e.g., company policies) that are thought to occur in the industry, and that raise questions about their ethics or morality because 1) they involve behaviors that harm or could harm others or oneself (either directly or indirectly); 2) they involve behaviors that violate or appear to violate or have the potential to violate one’s own moral standards or the moral standards of one’s society, and 3) they involve behaviors that if made public would normally produce in the agent the moral emotions of shame, guilt, embarrassment, and remorse.
In identifying each ethical issue that pertains to your industry (or company), you should:
1. Describe the behavior, policy, or practice and how it relates to your industry (or company).
ISSUE 2: Software Quality Assurance
Software quality assurance is a challenging task. There are many questions raised by software being released with defects. What are the ethical responsibilities of a software vendor releasing software with bugs, especially if it is system-critical software, but also when releasing non system-critical software. It is an ethical issue when software vendor are not open about the quality of the testing, and be willing to share known defects in their systems.
It seems that typical commercial software is created and modified, and
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