The Ethical Issues Of Healthcare

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Ethical Issues in Healthcare
Part One
(1.1) In the healthcare profession various dilemmas can be encountered, sometimes everyday that put a professional in a position where they must make certain choices that can be classified as difficult or complicated depending on the individual or the situation. In the nursing profession not only do they have to consider the welfare of the patients but they also have to regard their wishes, which may create a conflict of interests in regards to promotion of well-being which would lead to the importance of informed consent. Respect for a person 's autonomy as well as respect for the individual are essential requirements; however so is promoting public interest.
Ethics is determined as making valued judgements to the means or end of care in order to ‘be a good nurse’. Furthermore code of conducts within nursing are based around principle ethics as well as medical ethics and states the rules the professional must abide by. It has involved or created various debates or complex issues that can be frequently argued; for example, euthanasia and whether is should be legalised in the United Kingdom, as it is in other countries. (Berridge, P. et al Liddle, C. 2010 p29-42). Two theories into ethics and how actions can be justified are known as deontological and utilitarian (also consequential) approaches. These two theories look at situations from different perspectives.
Deontology is a moral theory that coincides with moral laws and common
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