The Ethical Issues Of Ict

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ICT has a huge and large impact on the lives of most individuals. Ethical scrutiny is not properly established. Present ethics review techniques are not suited for most of the ethical issues that ICT is likely to cause in the future. Europe has the great opportunity to show international leadership by pointing the way to how human rights, ethical values and moral norms can be explicitly considered in technology development. The ETICA project (Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications, GA 230318) shows up the basis for a new enlightened approach to the development, governance and use of emerging ICT.
A major problem of the ethics of technology is that it tends to arrive very late. In many cases ethical issues are only recognised when the technology is already on the market and problems arise during its widespread use. Ethics can then become a tool to clean up an issue that might have been avoidable. It is probably not correct to say it would be desirable to have ethical input at the earlier steps of technology design and development. Indeed, there are ethical theories and steps that explicitly aim at an early integration of ethics into the technology life cycle (van den Hoven, 2008). One of the central problem of this type of approach is that the future is unknown. By defining this we actually do not know with certainty what will happen in the future and an ethics that depends on the future development needs to be able to answer the question of how it decides…

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