The Ethical Issues Of Nike

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Nike is a global corporation that has branches and factories around the world. In this report I have highlighted two unethical issues faced by Nike and how the problem started and how the company has dealt with those ethical dilemmas. Also I haveu included about my opinion regarding the issues and the ways the company has solved the dilemmas. Moreover, the best practice that can be carried out is also included in this report. Introduction Nike is an American sportswear & footwear company. Nike was established by Bill Boweman & Phill Knight on 1960. Nike has good contact with world famous sports clubs by manufacturing footwear, sportswear and uniforms jersey for them, since 1972. Nike also exports their products to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore,…show more content…
Due to this, Nike factory in Vietnam, workers protested against Nike. According to an online Vietnam news, Vietnam Talking Point, in April 2010, thousands of Vietnamese workers of Nike went on strike due to poor working environment and low wages. In fact, this happens around the world where Nike factories are located. Because of keep low costs as one of completive advantages, Nike did not pay attention to the rights of workers. As a result of it, a wave of protests has affected the company for a long time, Nike was regarded as unethical company among the public. According to Australia Television Station report on July 2008, the workers are saying that their living standard is low. And also they were suffering from violence situation in the work. “Nike ing environment is not suitable such works take palce. The workers are gathered and calling this issue every day. In the factory, employees are treated in a humiliating. Applying Utilitarian theory to justify, this concept is achieving good result but poor environment situation and punishment leads to workers not interested to perform well. Nike has wrong action due to provide a poor management to employees. Ethical dilemma 2: Paid low wages and excessive

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