The Ethical Issues Of Religion

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Religion is a big part of human life, as it helps to provide explanations and what may be considered as solutions to the challenges people face. However, the role of religion when it comes to solving serious medical problems is relative, depending on strength of the religious faith and other personal characteristics and values. Some individuals have a greater faith than others and would consider the option of waiting for a miracle to cure their loved ones more effective than undergoing a medical procedure. The similar scenario is highlighted in the Case Study: Healing and Autonomy, where two parents, Mike and Joanne, face a dilemma of whether to remain loyal to their religion and wait for a miracle or to follow the physician…show more content…
Therefore, Mike is contemplating on waiting for a religious miracle rather than putting two of his children at risk.
Physicians’ Perspective
It is true that parents have a significant role in making the decision for their children, and the doctors have a duty to consider the parents’ opinion. However, parents’ wishes can be overridden if their point of view is detrimental to the health of the child. The doctors are also empowered to make the decision on the issue of ethical consideration when the parents’ choice seems harmful to the child’s health (McDougall, 2016). In this case, Mike’s decision is irrational, so the doctor should do what is right for the child. Given that the delay in treatment has led to the deterioration of the child 's health, it is not ethical for the doctor to let the child suffer due to lack of medical attention on the premise that the parent believes a miracle will heal him. Since religion believes that every life is important (“Principles of Medical Ethics,” 2017), the doctor should use his ethical consideration to do what is right for the child and override Mike’s decision to wait for the miracle to heal James.
Christian Narrative
Treatment Refusal
According to the Principles of Medical Ethics (2017), Christian teaching advocates for the health matters to be entrusted to the physicians yet still urges to find support in religion and believe that God will provide the healing.
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