The Ethical Issues Raised When Services Are Delivered For Non Office, Off Site Settings Essay

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Issues Raised When Services are Delivered in Non-Office, Off-Site Settings Anthony M Luciano & Tanya M Giglio Mercy College In this paper, we will illustrate the issues that present when providing counseling in a non-office, off-site setting. We will explore two different kinds of counseling that occur in a space that is not a traditional office including in-home counseling and the rise of wilderness programs. These two modalities both have a limited amount of research on their efficacy and the issues raised by having the counseling take place in a unique environment as compared to the traditional arrangement of counseling practices. Wilderness therapy as a Theoretical Modality is a growing treatment modality for at-risk adolescents who require out-of-home-care. Some of the issues facing these children present a variety of clinical concerns. Attention needs to be paid to address the ethical issues for mental health professionals and patients alike. A few of these concerns are confidentiality and consent, therapeutic boundaries, proper training of staff, and safety of clients to name a few. Dilemmas can arise when therapy takes place within the four walls of a clinician’s office, but when the office becomes a forest, lake, or mountain or all three of these unique settings, ethical issues are sure to follow. Wilderness Therapy is primarily geared toward adolescents; it is broadly based on using nature as a chronic aspect of the treatment. Practical doctrines are
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