The Ethical Issues That Plague The Art World

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What is visual art? Visual art refers to the expression of creativity through mixed media, installation art, paintings, and sculptures. Visual art is an important component of humanity because it evokes an emotional response from its viewers. An artist may be a child, a street bomber or me. A true artist has the ability to create and evoke an emotional connection with an individual or a group through a piece of art. Visual art involves a range of interpersonal and societal perceptions that broadens our experience and understanding of the world in which we live. Art also bridges the gap between cultural beliefs, practices and religion, and allows us to see ourselves, as well as, our community through a different lens. It enables us to imagine the unimaginable. However, the art community and its stakeholders need to consider the ethical issues that plague the art world. Ethics are the principles that guide an individual’s choice, while; ethical practices are rights and obligations that lead to the best possible outcome. In the art world ethics is based on accountability and trust. Therefore, I will take a glimpse at three categories, and expose the ethical issues from each category and describe the stakeholders’ dilemma. I will examine the cause and effects of communal responses toward art museums, public display of art, and art dealers and buyers. Ethics, Art, and Museums: This portion of the paper will reflect the ethical issues of public museums. Public
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