The Ethical Landscape Of Public Relations

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Section 1: The Ethical Landscape: An ethical dilemma occurs when elements of a moral system conflict, but it can be thought out rationally. Given this definition there has to be a guideline for professionals to follow who deal with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Usually ethical dilemmas do not have a happy ending, but there has to be a way to make the situation better. There are many guidelines or codes professionals have to abide by to keep an outstanding reputation and their job. I delve into the ethical landscape of public relations. The code of ethics for public relations can be found on the Public Relations Society of America website. The website states, “PR can present unique and challenging ethical issues, but protecting integrity and public trust are fundamental…” The code of ethics indicates that someone in the field of public relations should hold advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness above all else. If the public relations professionals are honest and accurate in their communication most of the ethical guidelines will be met. ( Many ethical dilemmas occur in public relations, but the most common ones are making sure someone can easily tell the difference between editorial content and advertising so no one could be misled, making sure there is proper consent when recording someone or something, and plagiarism, which deals with copyright infringement. Another example of an ethical dilemma
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