The Ethical Relationship Between Apple And Foxconn

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Evident within the contemporary society, individuals are indulged with their technological devices such as smartphones and computers. However, society are unaware about the rising ethical issues that are presented behind the production of different technologies. The relationship between Apple and Foxconn displays a strong primary example of the ethical issue. Apple is perceived as one of the dominant technological and innovative company providing the world with its technology. Despite this, Foxconn ultimately faced many ethical issues as a supply chain of Apple’s products. The ethical issues that are presented are low working conditions, low wages and long working hours. Consequently, the concern escalates into the notion of detrimental…show more content…
The unethical issues that has arisen is the working environment and the underpaid wage salaries thus causing a dystopian environment for the workers. This issue is apparent through the relationship between Apple and Foxconn, a manufacturing company located in China. Apple has many contracts with various suppliers around the world however, Foxconn was a major supply chain for the iPhone and iPads in late 2000s and early 2010s (Marshall University). Reportedly, Foxconn suffered horrific working conditions, over 900,000 workers were pressured to work overtime daily. Employees were paid less than $17 USD per day (New York Times), working more than 60 hours per week (the guardian). From the same report, (The guardian and Marshall university) reveals that less than half of the workers are aged between 16 to 18 that were forced into the Foxconn labour with a two year working contract. Apple could face a dilemma of losing its sales through the exploitation through media about its unethical issue as well as Foxconn, losing its reputation for the company. Thus, the ethical issues that has been presented has reveal the appalling actions of each company, Apple and Foxconn.

Disparity of individualism is stemmed from dystopia intertwined with an increase of stress resulting in martality. The stakeholders that were affected by the various issues were employees, the company and the employers. Foxconn’s employees suffered low wage along with poor working
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