The Ethical Theories Of Utilitarianism And Kantian Ethics Essay

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In this essay, I will be discussing an article about a woman who starved her two horses. I will address the issue about whether or not the woman’s action was ethical. I will use the two ethical theories of utilitarianism and Kantian ethics to support my argument. I will also suggest a different course of action the woman could have taken to be justified, through both ethical theories. The article follows the story about an Australian woman who breached her duty of care to two horses that she owned (Emery, 2016). Bianca Jayne Wogandt starved her horses for over a year after providing them with inadequate amounts of food (Emery, 2016). RSPCA were working with Bianca in educating her about how to care for her horses however, after 9 months, there had been no improvement in their weight. RSPCA seized the animals in December, 2014 (Emery, 2016). The court fined her $3000 and prohibited her from owning horses for the next three years (Emery, 2016). During the trial, it was established that although Bianca did have the horses’ welfare in heart, she did not have the financial means in providing for them. Bianca is now fighting the $12,000 in costs that the RSPCA is claiming over caring for the horses (Emery, 2016). The ethical issues that are prominent in this case include; whether it was ethical for the RSPCA to wait for 9 months before they seized the animals and whether they are justified in claiming the costs from Bianca even after it was claimed that she is struggling,
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