The Ethical Theory Of Ethics

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Ethics also known as moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that involves the classification, defense and endorsement of concepts of right and wrong actions that govern an individual’s behavior. Based on the “Billy and Suzy” scenario from a utilitarian ethical perspective, I would choose to follow Billy to ensure that nothing transpires between him and the lady he left the bar with. The best action to take would be to follow him and ensure that he does not leave for the night with the lady. I would force him into a cab if need be and ensure he gets home. Utilitarianism is a normative ethical theory that places the morality of right and wrong solely on the consequences and effects of choosing to take one course of action over another. This is in light of taking into account the interests of others over your own.
Utilitarianism states that the paramount course of action to take is the one that capitalizes on utility for all parties that will be affected by an action. Utility in this case refers to pleasure in the absence of pain. In this scenario, based on the utilitarian ethical perspective, the action that will produce the greatest satisfaction in terms of happiness is the best action to take. Basically, according to utilitarianism, actions are good when they lead to more happiness, and bad when they decrease this level of happiness and cause pain. Choosing to let the situation unfold may lead to a break up between Billy and Suzy if she finds out that Billy left the

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