The Ethical Theory of Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism as an ethical theory is seen as 'an act that is morally correct if it results in the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people affected by the act'. (Crane, Matten, Chapt. 3). It is a principle that concentrates on the outcome of an act and compares the good outcome with the bad outcome and supports the outcome that brings the greatest amount of good for all stakeholders involved.
Addressing the Canadian mining industry from an economic angle, one would agree that this industry has provided employment, revenue, community development and lots more to Canada especially to its local residents where mining firms are located. (M.A.C, 2014). Mining is amongst Canada's most essential economic sectors. It contributes enormously to Canada's gross domestic product. Part of the reasons why this industry has remained a key economic driver is that it has been able to remain competitive. For the industry to be competitive, they must have access to key market, a regulatory system that is efficient and a pool of talent to combat the shortage of skills.
Despite all these positive economic impacts, this industry is plagued with contention and conflict. (Sagebien, 2008) Anti-development effects of mining thought of as the “resource curse” includes twisted economics, unfavourable social and environmental consequences at the community level, domestic economic dependence on extraction to the exclusion of other more sustainable industries, loss of

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