The Ethical Trap Of Loyalty Syndrome And The Ineffective Use Of Intellectual Integrity

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General Petraeus
When retired General Petraeus’ name is uttered, some recall his stellar 28 year career culminating in the stabilization of war-torn Iraq while everyone remembers his extramarital affair culminating in the release of classified information to his mistress. Similar to a Shakespearian play full of scandal that ends in tragedy, I will assert how General Petraeus is a visionary leader by stabilizing war-torn Iraq from 2007 to 2008 who became an unethical leader while serving as the director of the CIA by having an extramarital affair and releasing classified information to his mistress. To enhance my claim that he is a visionary leader, I will be focusing on his transformational leadership behavior of inspirational motivation and “Lewin’s Phases of Change” during the stabilization efforts. To enhance my claim that he is unethical, I will focus on two contributing factors to his affair and release of confidential material which are: the ethical trap of loyalty syndrome and the ineffective use of intellectual integrity. Finally, I will be detailing my personal relevance utilizing visionary leadership to revector my organization before a Nuclear Surety Inspection and how I became an unethical leader while serving as a team chief in my earlier years. In order to stabilize war-torn Iraq in 2007, a visionary leader was required to enact a revolutionary plan to ease the mind of the American public.
Visionary Leader
President Bush, who desperately needed a…
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