The Ethical Use Of Furs Used For Fashion

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Furs used for fashion have been a moral argument going on for decades. Some can conclude that furs remain classic and lucrative to the industry. The activity of hunting the animals for wearing purposes and gaining profits off innocent animals breaks many ethic codes and is a cruel societal antic. The use of killing animals for fashion is wrong. To prove the immorality and bad circumstances of using furs for fashion we must break each aspect down to evaluate the effects of killing these animals. Fur protestors are loud and in-your-face. “Anti-fur activists only make up a small percentage of the population, but in recent years they have gained so much media attention because of their vocal and graphic techniques and celebrity endorsers.” – (Marquardt 1998). Fur has caused controversy in the industry dating back to the 1960’s. This became a prominent time for protesting from “hippies” about peace and equality, which included that of animals. Animals have remained a survival source for thousands of years but are now defined as a popular trend, especially in dress and ornament. The killing of animals to wear them has now become a popular trend. It’s hard to fathom that there is no moral judgment passed from the killer to even consider changing their mind. The ethics are lacking, and there are certain ethical codes being broken when being involved with the use of animals for fashion. The most recognized and arguable breaches are Humanitarian Ethics. Humanitarian ethics follow
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