The Ethical Use Of Genetic Engineering In Medicine

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Genetic engineering is a term that applies to the direct manipulation of an organism's genes. Genetic engineering is different from traditional breeding, where the organism's genes are manipulated indirectly. Genetic engineering uses the techniques of molecular cloning and transformation to alter the structure and characteristics of genes directly. Genetic engineering techniques have found some successes in numerous applications.
Medicine - Genetic engineering is able to treat many illnesses and conditions with the human body which were previously much more harmful. Many medicines and treatments are available only because of this technology. Today, there are drugs and vaccines which have the ability to treat cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and arthritis. Genetic engineering is present in such items like home pregnancy tests too. This industry has the potential to do things many other drugs can't. Other ways genetic engineering helps in healthcare used a bacterium to produce a medically useful chemical.
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In fact, about 60 percent of our food has some sort of biotechnology in it. By taking traits from one organism and putting it into a food, the food can be altered in many ways, like having it last longer, taste better, and grow faster and larger. It can also be designed to be more immune to certain diseases. With less farmers and a greater need of food, genetic engineering can be the savior for this very important field. The ability of bacteria to produce chemicals can be used in other areas as well such as in the cheese industry. Also, genetically related advances and business is booming. Click the link for more
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