The Ethicality Of Virtue Ethics

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The ethical issue of whether the annihilation of followers of a religion that proclaim their holy writings and their god demand the destruction of all who will not succumb to the will of their god, their teachings, and their laws are correct, justified, and sanctioned for the greater good of all mankind. The issue is further exacerbated by requiring the United States to be the leading force in the destruction of those adhering to the perversion of a religion that is oft quoted as a religion of peace. Are these followers a band of holy zealots directed by their god to subdue the earth or a threat to the entire world? Is their god the wrong god and therefore it is not religious intolerance when they are destroyed? Can an ethical justification be found to destroy the lives of religious fanatics, because the nations of the world reject their ideology? Is annihilation the only means to curtail their terrorism for the greater good? Is it ethically permissible to determine whether the beliefs of a religious group are correct or pose a danger to others? The means of achieving the greater good would appear to be dependent upon the viewpoint of the examiner, which is hypocritical.…show more content…
Virtue Ethics and Ethical Duty appear conflicted with their ethical standards for the protection of mankind, and religious intolerance. Therefore. their ethical claims must be examined to determine whether the lives of non-believers permit the destruction of those that are taught and believe their holy writings demand the death of the “infidels,” (non-believers) and war is the only solution for those failing to follow their
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