The Ethics And Concept Of Social Responsibility

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Management Profile In this management profile review we try to explain global elements of our management, from our mission and objectives, to our corporate philosophy and key methods needed to obtain it successfully. Business Vision Ethics Our ethics and concept of social responsibility are important elements of our managerial decision making process. We believe that individual values are fundamental to ethics. Ethical approaches (moral principles and values) govern the actions and decisions of each member of our business organisation. Each approach provides a different, but related, set of principles for judging our managerial decisions. Following our beliefs and corporate philosophy, we have to…show more content…
Following our corporate philosophy, every employee must have attitude of ownership and identify himself or herself with success of a product, service and business as a whole. Also, each employee must have a strong sense of responsibility and personal achievement in own and related job area. We believe that enthusiasm for our people and our products, and that ability to inforce that enthusiasm in others, is the quality of leadership. Enthusiasm promotes creativity, cooperation and profit. Commitment Success and prosperity do not happen overnight. True success can only come through attentive, quality and devotional work and throughful application of managerial concepts in all daily activities. That 's why our management is an on-going process. To meet our goals and achieve our objectives, we have to develop a strong sense of commitment and responsibility. We evolve with the growing computer and software industry, and we are committed to respond to our customers specific needs and to maintain the highest standards of quality in product development and customer support. Objectives The primary aims of the company are to maximize wealth of shareholders (provide profitability), and worthwhile job prospects for employees. Our objectives are customer satisfaction, real growth in earnings per share and a competitive return on capital employed. We aim
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