The Ethics And Ethics Of Enron

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Title Page 1
Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Failure of Enron 4
Lack of integrity and truthfulness 5
Conflict on interest 5
Leadership Trait and Leadership style 6
Leadership affects culture 7
Recommendation for unethical behaviour 8,9
Implementation 10
Conclusion 10,11


The main purpose of this report is to understand the Enron business practices so that it can be analysed that what leadership traits & style were responsible for its failure. Enron was a US company, which was founded in 1986 with the merger of Houston Natural Gas & Internorth the two big natural gas pipeline companies. Enron was a huge company that reached to remarkable heights but eventually collapsed due to improper business practises, accounting frauds, and unethical culture with in an organization. Top management of Enron had used their position & power in wrong way resulting bankruptcy of such a huge company in 2001. This report will examine the internal culture of the organisation as well as the leadership practices of its top management. Further in this report I will be explaining the disaster happened at Enron by trait & transformation leadership theory and ethical theory that have been identified as the appropriate analytical tool for examining Enron culture. At the end this report shows how the Kenneth Lay and Jeffery Skilling led to the downfall of Enron also provide some recommendations and…

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