The Ethics And Ethics Of Walmart De Mexico

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In the corporate world, everything is a competition. With so many companies fighting to be on top, do some ethical dilemmas get slid under the rug? In 1991 Walmart opened its first international store in Mexico City. Since then, Walmart has rapidly taken over the supercenter industry employing 2.3 million associates worldwide and ending the fiscal year of 2016 with a total revenue of $485.9 billion. (Walmart, Inc.). How has Walmart been able to grow so much so quickly? Ever since the Wal-Mart de Mexico’s bribery scandal that surfaced in 2005, the company has been under fire for allowing such illegal acts to take place. It’s first important to understand how Walmart got involved in the bribes, how corporate dealt with the allegations when they became aware of them, and then discuss ways in which Walmart can improve their policies and practices to make sure that this undesired behavior doesn’t happen again.
There are many factors that led Walmart to participate in the bribes that took place over the course of their growth in Mexico. The two biggest factors are the role that bribery has the Mexican business culture and the expansion goals that Wal-Mart de Mexico’s CEO set. Natives make is sound like it’s necessary to participate in bribery in order to have business operations run smoothly. Salvador Contreras, a contractor on an office building going up on a major street in Mexico City explains “if you do it the normal way or without paying, it can take double the
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