The Ethics Case Seven : Spotlight On Pods Essay

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In the mini-ethics case seven “Spotlight On PODS,” we can see how controversial these business ventures are in the field of medicine today. After reading the case study, PODs obviously have ethical issues from a financial/economic standpoint. We will speak below about these ethical issues through a financial managers eyes. The first issue I see with PODs is that of transparency. Those involved with the POD know the absolute cost of the implant they are using. They buy it at a discounted price from the manufacturer. Then go on to sell the implant to the hospital or ambulatory surgical center (ASC) they work with. This sale is usually over market price due to the hospital or ASC not knowing the true prices. So they pay over the market price and then patients start to be affected with the price transparency issue. They have no idea what the prices are, they simply go with whatever product their “trusted” surgeon uses. One financial negative for a POD in charging over market is that the POD incurs a capital gain and taxes do increase. The system is not for the consumer (hospital/patient), patients do not know what they will owe which needs to be specific to their insurance coverage. So financially the patient can be affected as well, especially since most hospitals do not discuss financial obligations. The price transparency issue ends up in a trickle down affect. Also in regards to the lack of transparency in general, as a financial manager I would be worried

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