The Ethics Of A Dnp Prepared Nurse

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Care and Justice for Nursing Students Codes of ethics contain a coherent set of normative principles underlying a nurse’s purpose and associated values (Vanlaere and Gastmans, 2007). Two perspectives of ethics are the ethics of justice and the ethics of care (Botes, 2000). The ethics of justice constitutes an ethical perspective in terms of which ethical decisions are made on the basis of universal principles and rules, and in an impartial and verifiable manner with a view to ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of all people (Botes, 2000). The ethics of care, on the other hand, constitutes an ethical approach in terms of which involvement, harmonious relations and the needs of others play an important part in ethical decision making in each ethical situation (Botes, 2000). Both justice and care have a place in the process of ethical decision making, and both will be discussed in this paper ultimately with ethics of care guiding the practice of a DNP prepared nurse. The paper will discuss how ethics of justice and ethics of care affect the quality of education that a nursing student receives from a new nursing school that has an unacceptable pass rate for first time National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) test takers. Standards such as having competent nursing faculty are set by accrediting agencies for teaching institutions, and this paper will discuss the importance of nursing schools to educate future nurses to practice safely. Ethic of Justice

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