The Ethics Of Adult Literacy

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In remaking the website BMTInfoNet there was a need to make sure to explain medical terms and procedures in layman’s words and then have a hyperlink that would lead the reader to a more complex explanation of the medical procedure if they desired (e.g., port implant, bone marrow aspiration). Communication to the reader needed to be clear and understandable as the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) found that” only 12% of consumers have proficient health literacy skills” (CDC, 2010). BMTinfonet set a goal of improving their website readability. Research suggests that Serif, Verdana and Ariel are the preferred font for readers with plenty of white space between words. The preferred font size is 12 with heading 2-4 points higher…show more content…
As the site content was developed it was apparent that age appropriate information was needed for the child receiving the transplant regarding their diagnosis and treatment. Information was also needed for the siblings of a transplant recipient. Previously, the website gave an in-depth detailed description of adult transplant preparation, but did not give explanations for pediatric patients. Grouping children into age categories (preschool, children ages 6-12, and teenagers) enabled the information regarding transplant basics and preparation to be tailored to a child’s specific developmental level. Creating age groups made the information more concise, and clearly told the parent of a child getting a transplant what actions to take (CDC, 2010). Creating Age Group Categories Research reveals that parents know their child best and it is important to base the level of information regarding the transplant to their developmental level and personality (, 2015). Age group categories were created for BMTInfoNet to make it easier for adults to explain to their children about what a transplant is. Children were divided into Toddlers (12 months to 3 years, Preschool age children (3-5 years old), Children ages 6-12, and teenagers. With the
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