The Ethics Of An Ethical Issue

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An ethical issue is where an individual or a party have to undertake a moral judgement in which his or her morale values are being challenged (Hannafey, 2009). Is it right that Chris Knox befriended the CFO of Armadillo Gas and Power with only one reason on his mind? For him to try to land his account at this company (SFS). To mention that he was “not that familiar with Armadillo Gas, but maybe don’t need the high-level services [SFS] offer. Maybe [SFS is] is more expensive than what [Armadillo Gas has] now”. Through circumventing the CFO and talking with his wife with accidental encounters, he was able to finally land Armadillo Gas. But was he ethical in the ways he managed to land the account? Chris not bringing up the amount to which…show more content…
He did in fact disclose that he worked for the company SFS. In addition, that SFS services would be greater to what he was at present receiving. And finally, telling Dale that the SFS sales people that attempted to gain his business in the past worked in another part of the country. Utilitarianism refers as acting to enhance general utility in every single situation to reach a reason conclusion, and can be viewed as consequentialist (Riley 2009, 286). Looking at the benefits and the costs, one can examine the actions of Chris. Chris has acted on behalf of SFS since this contract will increase sales and the reputation of the company as well as the stakeholders. In addition, that SFS services would be greater to what Armadillo Gas was at present receiving. Armadillo Gas would be receiving excellent fleet management services and SFS high revenue is generated. However, the email sent by Jeremy breaches where employees are bound to respect the customers. (Universal American Code of Conduct, 2015). This email sent was ridiculing towards Dale and his wife. Additionally, encourages the employees of SFS to engage in similar deceptive business practices. There is a high risk and cost that can result with the high probability that Mr. Dale will one day read the email and for Mr. Dale to terminate the contract. The cost of the risk of closure, a company’s image destroyed, and the lack of trust from future clients outweighs the short term
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