The Ethics Of An Unethical Business Practice

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organizations such as nature conservationists and endangered species activists would feel inclined to take legal action. A public lawsuit would put the company in route to significant financial losses across the board, from boycotting clients, judge ordered reparations and ongoing sanctions that would change how their operations are implemented going forward. The results of an unethical business practice can only come forth if the head of the entity decides to turn a blind eye to what is happening within the organization. Dependent on the ethical stance of those leading the company, the concern for social responsibility will or will not be sizable.
Ethical Theories. In accordance to the ethical theories that are known to society
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This rationale for why they are unethical don’t fall in line with them disregarding the greater good of all involved but for Deontology Pharmacare doesn’t uphold the components of truth and steadfast principles. Under Deontology Pharmacare should be fair, respect life and be honest. The company does not respect life shown by their permittance of actions that contribute to extinction, they are unfair based on the treatment of employees and they lie about being environmentally conscious. The next theory to weigh in relation to Pharmacare’s work conditions is Virtue ethics. The writer states, “people develop their moral abilities, called virtues, through training, by being repeatedly exposed to demonstrations of decent behavior within families and communities. We learn to become courageous, generous, just, honest, cooperative, and cheerful gradually, as we become habituated to living in social settings where these qualities are exhibited and valued” (Halbert). Under virtue ethics, Pharmacare is certainly unethical but it releases then from onus due to the fact their rearing could have been what led them astray. Virtue ethics feels that it is the community, the upbringing and the experienced ethical acts that train one to be ethical. If the executives in Pharmacare were never exposed to ethical practices it leaves them ignorant but not unethical in their misuse of the Colberia people. Lastly the ethics of care can be used
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