The Ethics Of Animal Testing On Cosmetic Products

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Imagine you were grooming your 2 year old daughter who is not yet able to do so herself. You want the best products possible used on your child because you don’t ever want someone you love to be harmed. First, you give her a bath using shampoo and body wash, then you moisturize her skin with lotion, next you spray her with scented body spray, and finally you paint your daughter 's cute little nails with nail polish. Then all of a sudden your precious baby is now breaking out in hives and a rash. What did you do wrong? You assume that all the products you used were safe because you bought it in the store, but was it thoroughly and properly tested to the extent of use? Most consumers are concerned with the ethics of animal testing on cosmetic products. But, are they aware of the accuracy of these tests? And are there other advanced options? Cosmetics are not limited to women’s make-up. They include face creams, baby oils, skin care products, deodorants, lotions, nail polish, and anything used on the body. This subject is important to anyone who cares about their physical hygiene and the precautions taken to keep it safe and healthy. Many people throughout the world have various allergies that may prevent them from using certain cosmetic products. If the product they are using is unable to properly determine if it is detrimental to their health, this could lead to fatal reactions and even death. Even if the consumer does not have any specific limitations to what he/she
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