The Ethics Of Becoming A Veterinarian

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Wolf Biologist Everyone has to have a job, meaning that I am going to need one too, when I grow up. Which also means that I am going to have make a choice between the hundreds of jobs available. I thought long and hard over this, and have come to the decision of becoming a veterinarian, or to have some kind of job that is associated with animals. I am choosing this type of job because I care and love animals and when I think of any animal being mistreated or hurt I have to do something, help in some way. Though what I didn’t realise was, that it would be even harder to choose what type of veterinarian, among the several that there are to choose from. I have chosen the top three jobs that I am going to take into real consideration. One of…show more content…
Another description would be catching the wolf in a way that would not harm the animal, then after tranquilization, the biologist will give the wolf a health examination, including weight, taking blood to sample, and putting a radio collar on the wolf, which enables the biologist to track the wolf and their pack. Studying the animal to better understand how and why it acts is another thing that biologist does, while researching and observing different wolf species and charting behavior patterns. They also identify and prevent possible human threats, for farmers are one of the main causes of wolf death. Though some wolf biologist will start off by heading straight to the woods to find a pack, others will start in an office reading other biologist thoughts and hypotheses, and creating their own. Then head out into the woods and find the wolves, watching how they react to other animals and each other. Then go back to the office and start writing their own thought, and others will build off of their theories. Then they can go back into the woods again, some will study and focus on how a wolf acts around it’s pack vs. alone, or some might focus deeper into how they raise their cubs and how they hunt, or even how they deal with punishing each other. Though if you want to be a wolf biologist you have to work outside in the woods in the wolves natural environment, possible spending months in a field actively
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