The Ethics Of Business Ethics

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Business Ethics Ethics can be viewed as the rules and values that determine goals and actions people should follow when dealing with other human beings. However, business ethics can be defined as moral principles of a business. It examines moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. Generally, it has both normative and descriptive dimensions. Organization practice and career specialization are regarded as normative whereas academics attempting to understand business behaviour are regarded as descriptive. It seeks to provide ethical insight and guidance to individuals in business, business organizations, and to the society. It impacts on the way in which people in business act. The policies they adopt, and the role that business plays within the society. Business organizations face increasingly complex decisions due to unprecedented changes in global markets, technology, new products and services, and the changing demographics. These decisions often involve dilemma 's which are of a moral or ethical nature as decisions which in favour of organization might not be good for the society and what is good for society might not be beneficial for the organization. Therefore, according to Shaw (2011, p. 8), business ethics is a method of analysis which is applied to real life business situations in an attempt to ascertain whether or not decisions and actions taken can be considered to be moral or ethical depending on various perspectives. In addition to

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