The Ethics Of Business Ethics

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Literature Review
Nowadays, the concern for business ethics is growing rapidly in the business community around the world. Business ethics are focused on the judgment of decisions taken by managers and their behaviors. The issue regarding these judgments is the norms and cultures that shape these judgments. Business ethics are concerned about the issue, how will the issue be solved and how will it move ahead along the transition analysis as well (Carroll, 2014). Business ethics can be addressed at different levels that include business, societal, industrial and personal. Obligations and responsibilities are a major question in ethics that also address the conflict existing between the two subjects. Several ethical principles are proposed to help or facilitate the decision-making process.
An individual’s behavior can be impacted by various organizational factors which lay a strong impact in shaping the behavior of individual. The behavior of individuals and the ethical practices of industry are considered as the most influencing factors that shape a firm’s ethical climate, while the societal impact that shapes the moral climate of society and the individual needs are less impacted (Carroll, 2014). Recent studies have shown the people working in a business environment are feeling the heat and are under real pressure to perform ethically in an organization while performing their responsibilities (Jamnik, 2011).
The moral decisions of superiors and the decision making along
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