The Ethics Of Confidentiality From Oklahoma 's State Regulation

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Abstract For the purpose of briefly highlighting the complex issue of confidentiality within the confines of this paper two videos have been scrutinized to determine if an employee demonstrating helpfulness (video 1) and the desire to protect a client (video 2) have in fact violated or up held client’s confidentiality. To demonstrate these outcomes, the ethics of confidentiality will be examined from Oklahoma’s state regulation (2010) and the ACA Code of Ethics (2014). The various dilemmas and the awareness of both personal/professional competencies (both lacking and achieving) are exemplified in these ethical codes and regulations. The subtle/overt nuances of varying worldviews and cultural applications of confidentiality will be gleaned…show more content…
Wanting to be helpful the receptionist did as many would, and assures the man that she will give his wife the message (Pearson, 2016). Visibly upset the wife begins to give reasons why (divorce, child custody battle, his claims of her being unfit) she didn’t want her husband to know, she was receiving counseling when the receptionist give the wife the message (Pearson, 2016). The State of Oklahoma article 310:450-3-1(2010), titled Responsibility (2010) is directed to the LPC, the fact that the wording of ‘services/organizational’ are used, the receptionist who is employed by the LPC becomes a part of the representation of the LPC (Oklahoma State Department of Health, 2010). The LPC is responsible to train the employees to make sure that they adhere to the same confidentiality standard that the LPC is held too (Oklahoma State Department of Health, 2010). The Oklahoma State Department article 310:405-3-3 Client welfare & Confidentiality (2010) address specifically that ‘any’ information received about the client (such as whether or not they are receiving counseling or whether or not they are even present in the office) should be held as confidential and requires a written authorization from the client to approve any

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