The Ethics Of Confucian Business Ethics

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EDMP: An Analysis in Support of Confucian Business Ethics in Harmony of the Business Environment

(160)Issue: The one question brought forth by Lagan (2006) is the conflict between harmony in the business environment and the competition of capitalistic markets in the ethical debate on the efficacy of Confucian business ethics. Lagan’s (2006) case study effectively defines the overarching harmony of universal mandates defined by Confucius, which argued against the pro-capitalist interpretations of Confucian values to adapt to modern business ethics. In my own views, I believe in this traditional form of the three rules of Confucian ethics: human morality, relationships, and harmony. The importance of morality and relationships are vital to preserving good business connections, but more so, it is important to understand how these business relationships create harmony in the community. In this case study, I intend to focus on resolving the conflict between self-centered capitalistic tendencies in the business community with Confucian business ethics as a source of harmony in the workplace.


In Confucian business ethics the typical stakeholders are the businessperson, family members, he client, and the community that is served in these business agreements. These asocial groups define the capitalistic system of business exchange, which identifies the businessperson, the client, and the social organizations that bind all parties together as stakeholders in this
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